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4 Reasons Why Good Employees Quit


If you manage employees, I assume that you want trustworthy people on your team. Employees that are loyal. Employees that show up on time. Employees that do the job “even” when the boss isn’t watching. Employees that don’t quit…Now, that’s a no brainer.  I know that there are plenty of variables to “why” an employee quits… Here are my own top four reasons:


#1. Horrible Managers

I love the saying: “People don’t leave companies, they leave their managers.” For some reason, there are managers who get the title and immediately turn into an ex U-boat commander. They think the way to motivate people towards success is to scream, holler, yell, demand, and even lead by fear. We all know that this will lead to a negative workplace, low morale and employees looking for the exit door.

Unfortunately, we all know that some have been put into management positions just because they were the employee that showed up on time, had a good attitude, looked the part, and knew how to do their job well. What many managers (including myself) learned was that there is a huge difference between being an employee and a manager. Managers must be taught “how” to lead for success. The truth is that, “You get more instructions with a new microwave than you do with a management job.” That’s why I’m teaching managers, “Strategies For Saving Your Sanity For Unlimited Success.”



#2. Dumb Hiring Decisions

Hire for character – Train for skills.

We have all seen companies that hire an employee just for a “warm body” to fill the position. BAD MOVE – Horrible management decision.

If you hire someone to do a “job” for you, they’ll just do it for your money… BUT, if you hire people because they believe in the “why” of what you do – they will give you blood, sweat and tears, and in turn, your workplace culture & climate will SOAR!

I often am asked the question, “How do I motivate the unmotivated employee?” – My answer is simple, “You don’t – You hire motivated people to begin with.” Quit hiring “warm bodies!”

Here’s another well-known tip not to forget: “Hire slowly” – “Fire quickly”



#3. Stupid Promotion Decisions

When employees see the slackers, suck ups, or the people who do enough to get by get promoted – your culture and climate of the workplace is doomed.

This also goes for the person that was “appointed” by the owner or upper level management to “lead” and was never vetted by managers who are already in the trenches. The idea of “we are family” gets thrown out the window in a nano second with that dumb decision.

Employees have ears and eyes. They see through these decisions. Good employees WILL ultimately leave.

Simply put, promoting these people for all the wrong reasons will alienate everyone in the office and will open the door for employees to consider quitting a job that “at one time” was a great job and more importantly, a great place to be a part of.



#4. Lack Of Appreciation

I’m not talking about giving out stickers like they did in elementary school or giving a trophy to every kid who was breathing properly – far from it.

What I’m talking about here is just a good old, plain old, every day, “Thank You” for being a part of our team. No special meetings. No extra effort. No extra money. Just a “Thank You” for working here goes a long way.

Also, open communication is worth gold! Most employees just want to be “in the loop” on what’s happening. Employees love to feel a part of the company, have a say or express an opinion.

Walt Disney was a master at this. He had a problem written on a flip chart and he asked custodians, secretaries, management, everyone he could grab to provide suggestions for the solution to that problem. Can you imagine how each person felt inside when “Mr. Disney” asked them for their input?

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