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Bringing Leadership & Good Character To Life

Hey… Hi… Remember me?! It’s Dr. Mike. Yes, it’s really me.

After a little bit of a hiatus, the “weekly” blog is back!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, a safe and fun filled new years, and are having an absolutely fantastic start to your 2016!

For a little quick (almost) end of the week break, tune in to this week’s blog below!

Watch, listen in & enjoy! And as always, I’d love to hear your comments.

Until next time – Live your life with passion & purpose,
Dr. Mike

p.s. I’ve been on a “talks kick” the past couple of weeks and the calendar is booking up for 2016. Do you need a speaker for your next event at school or your business? Contact me today! I’d love to help make your 2016 even better!

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  • Dr. Mike says:

    Gerry, what a GREAT comment! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. You sound like you’ve raised some pretty awesome kids and grandkids. Keep up the good work. And if you need any support with your future products, just reach out. I’d love to help support a great cause I also feel super passionate about! Have a fantastic weekend. -Dr. Mike

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