As a former cross-country runner, pole-vaulter, hockey player, high school hockey coach in Minnesota for seven years, hockey referee, sports enthusiast, and a parent of two athletes, Dr. Mike speaks all around the world to coaches, captains, athletes, parents and administrators ranging from youth to University level athletic programs.

Softball Team SpiritNow think about this – If you have one of the following events coming up: a Coach or Administrator Association Conference, Pre or During Season Program, Coach, Captain, Athlete, Parent or Booster club Leadership Event, there is no one better than Dr. Mike to get your message in front of these people.

He will leave your audience members breathless. His passion, energy, use of stories and wit will leave audience members wanting more. I promise!

So here’s the bottom line when it comes to sports – If you want someone to work with your administrators or coaches – Dr. Mike is your guy. If you want someone to work with your athletes – Dr. Mike is your go-to guy. If you want someone to work with your parents of athletes – Dr. Mike is your guy. If you want someone to work with your entire athletic program – Dr. Mike is your guy.

Plain and simple, there is no one better qualified at pulling people together than Dr. Mike. When Dr. Mike speaks, people will sit up and take notice. You will be treated to his no fluff, just answers message delivered in Dr. Mike’s “Edutainment” style.

Dr. Mike’s riveting talks and potent products allowFan Cheering you to reinforce his cutting edge, powerful and engaging message to all the members in your sports programs on an on-going repetitive basis.

You will feel secure when making the choice to invite Dr. Mike to speak at your next event.


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So Why Should I Listen To Dr. Mike?

Dr. Mike was one of 50 of the most influential representatives in the country invited to the “Pursuing Victory With Honor” Summit sponsored by the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition.

drmike_082010Now read that again — there were “only” 50 people from all across the country who were invited to that summit and Dr. Mike was one of them! Key representatives from the Olympics, major Universities, High School Associations — along with people like sports commentator Bob Costas, legendary coach John Wooden and a host of other highly influential people in sports. As a result of Dr. Mike’s participation in this three-day summit, he became one of the signatories of the now famous Arizona Accord as it pertains to raising the bar for Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity. An honor bestowed upon Dr. Mike and one that he will never forget.

Dr. Mike speaks from his years of real life experiences. Experiences that have stretched around the globe. His passion is to provide your sports program either a keynote, half-day or full day workshop specially designed to bring your coaches, captains, athletes and parents together in a way that no one else can.

Using his powerful “Together We Can” & “Respect The Game Respect Yourself mentality as a backdrop, Dr. Mike can help you, your school and your teams to quickly identify what needs to happen in order to help make the greatest impact on your school’s culture, climate and reputation. This can go a long way toward establishing your school and its teams as leaders in your community.


Just Take A Look At What People Just Like You Are Saying About The Impact Of Dr. Mike’s Messages:


I attended a mandatory meeting for my son’s middle school athletic program. Being a former social worker I was curious and interested as to how a session on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs was going to go over with students and adults in the audience both at the same time. I was blown away! Dr. Mike was able to make it informative and very entertaining and we all took something away from it. In the month since that meeting, my son and many of his friends still use the reference ‘Good Choice, Poor Choice, My Choice.’ Nothing sticks with kids nowadays but Dr. Mike’s message did with both kids and adults.

- Steven D. Walker – President – Walker Trucking Company

The response we had from our coaches, captains, athletes and parents about your sports program was extremely positive. You allow everyone to talk directly about tough issue of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs while allowing people to evaluate themselves, their teams and their beliefs about these tough issues. When dollars are at a premium, this was an extremely cost-effective way to reach a large number of people on these very important issues. Thanks so much fro what you do.

- Judith Nash – Lakewood High School

It was exciting for me to watch the enthusiasm generated by your sports program. Our coaches, captains, athletes and parents said things like ‘We should have had this earlier,’ ‘This was really great,’ 'I’m really glad we talked about this.’ Thank you for your dynamic messages.

- Rita H. Ball – Mount Vernon City Schools

Dr. Mike’s presentation to our student athletes and parents made more of an impact on their outlook on leadership and teamwork than anything we’ve done in years. Both parents and students not only enjoyed the presentation but walked away understanding how important they both are in creating successful teams and successful student athletes.

- Michael Wank - Superintendent – Seneca East Local Schools

Dr. Thomson has been a consultant to and clinician for The Ohio High School Athletic Association for more than two decades, and his workshops have been described as some of the best workshops ever developed for supporting the goals of drug free lifestyles for youth and encouraging sportsmanship, ethics and integrity. He does just a great job in pulling coaches, captains, athletes and parents together in an effort to raise the bar for sportsmanship, ethics and integrity not only on the field of play but also in and out of season as well.

- Dr. Debbie Moore-Assistant Commissioner The Ohio High School Athletic Association


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