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Get the behind-the-scenes strategies I use to help my most successful clients Save Their Sanity For Unlimited Success.


Meet Dr. Mike

I’m Dr. Mike Thomson, the creator of Strategies For Saving Your Sanity® For An Unlimited Success Mindset. My tips, strategies & secrets have been used by thousands of entrepreneurs, executives at small, medium and large companies, supervisors, managers, salespeople, healthcare staff, government workers, religious leaders, authors, speakers, K-12 educators and their students, University staff and their students, associations, parents, and the list goes on and on.  The impact has been crazy huge… my students and clients are in just about any kind of market you can imagine and are dealing with just about any type of product, service or situation that you can think of and they have all achieved Unlimited Success in business, at home and in life.

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Products for Unlimited Success at Home

Got kids?  Got stepkids?  Got grandkids?  Here’s a fact – Because you have kids, you will have problems.

Would you be interested in learning how to teach your kids to be responsible for what they do, how they think, and how they feel?  How about a strategy for getting them to make good decisions, to do their homework, clean up their messes, do their chores, or get up in the morning without being screamed at?  How about a strategy to teach your kids how to make good choices, EVEN when you are not watching (which by the way, is the definition of good character)? Dr. Mike has the answers!

Nobody gave you a manual with your kids. In fact, you get more instructions with a new microwave than you do with your kids! But that all changes with Dr. Mike as your guide. Dr. Mike has taught his step-by-step, no fluff-just answers strategies, secrets, tips & skills to over 2.5 million people worldwide. If you’re either living or working with kids, click the Learn More button now!

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Products for Unlimited Success in School

Dr. Mike started working in the schools at age 21. He knows schools!  Dr. Mike’s been to countless Elementary, Middle and High schools in this country that he swears when he dies they’ll make a brick out of him in the last building he appears in!

Dr. Mike is going to be “Your-One-Stop-Shop-Guy” when it comes to speaking to anyone who enters your school building – He’s talked to every single group connected to your school over his career – Really!

Being the host of the wildly popular In Search Of Character DVD series is just one of the reasons why PBIS & Character Counts schools LOVE Dr. Mike’s talks to students – staff – and parents because he has a unique style and way of tying Responsibility into Respecting Yourself, Relationships, Property & Others as well as being Safe.

But it doesn’t stop there – Dr. Mike’s products for schools fly off the shelf because they are practical, easy to use and easy to infuse into anything you’re doing now.  Check out why other cutting edge schools from around the country are drawn to Dr. Mike’s products and talks like bears to honey.

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Products for Unlimited Success in Life

Your future can be different than what it is today.  In many respects, you are at a fork in the road right now.  So my question to you is this “What path are you going to take?”  The path of same old same old – reliving the same year over and over?  You’re not going to have a guarantee that you’ll have a next year.  I’m not sure how much time we have left but I know this –  It’s going to be less time tomorrow that it was today.  Less time next month or next year than it was today.  What you’ve got is this time right now.

Why settle for same old same old? Why make this a repeat of previous years?  Why not get started today? Why not make this your best year ever by going down the path of Unlimited Success?  You’re going to be happier – healthier – wealthier – and more successful…

Begin to imagine that once you learn how to reprogram and retrain your brain with all of Dr. Mike’s tips, secrets & strategies – you are going to feel so powerful – so in charge – so in control  – not only in business – but at home – and in life.  People around you will see the change in you – and they will then be drawn towards you like a magnet.

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Products for Unlimited Success in Business

Think about this…You could be just One step away from incredible personal, professional and business success — Just One inspiring idea — Just One powerful principle — Just One significant strategy — Just One timely tip — Just One timeless truth could empower you to create Unlimited Success opportunities and a myriad of possibilities.  Here’s the BIG Question — How much could this one idea be worth to you personally? How much could it be worth to the success of your business? How much could it mean to your employees? How much could it be worth to the culture & climate of your workplace?

You’ve got a “Golden Opportunity” to re-position your thinking — your business — your organization — your workplace and the service you provide others to meet these demanding times. Check out the street-smart series of solutions guaranteed to help you Reprogram, Retrain and Restart your brain for nothing but Unlimited Success and prosperity at Work!

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"Dr. Mike is the world’s foremost authority on sanity and character ethics in business. His ideas on sanity and character ethics in business and improving the overall context and texture of an organization can transform your life, transform your people and transform your business. By all means, have Dr. Mike speak to you or your business, read his materials and listen to his insights and it will have a wonderful effect on your life and everything you do."

− Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International

"Dr. Mike’s program to our hospital employees was outstanding! He’s incredible! The entire audience really enjoyed his presentation. I have been hearing positive comments all week. In fact, I have been hearing employees use several of Dr. Mike’s quotes and sayings for quite some time now. That never happens after a speaker has been here."

− Mari Swearingen, Galion Community Hospital

"Dr. Mike was OUTSTANDING! He related his stories so they included information about our industry and our organization. He was energetic and kept everyone’s attention. Dr. Mike did a great job and received high praises from all of our attendees on their evaluations. He was the highlight of our conference!"

− Joyce West, State Transportation Association Of Indiana

"Dr. Mike was very down to earth and related real life experiences that all of our staff were able to associate with. He has a wonderful ability to involve and hold the attention and interest of the audience. I have NEVER had so many positive comments following a presentation. This guy is a MUST see."

− Doreen Clark, Tri County Community Action Agency

"Dr. Mike Thomson has keynoted our annual Torch Awards luncheon and moderated our Integrity In Tough Times Session as well as our on-going Presidents Forums. He always does an excellent job and is very well received by all audience members. His messages are timely, focused and right on point. His messages have reinforced our commitment to leadership character ethics, ethical enterprising and the BBB brand. We value him as a partner at the Better Business Bureau."

− Kip Morse, President, Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio

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Get the behind-the-scenes strategies I use to help my most successful clients Save Their Sanity For Unlimited Success.