"The Master of Entertainment, Comedy, Fun, and Learning"

Dr. Mike StoolFor the past 2 1/2 decades, “Dr. Mike,” as he is known around the world, has been described as “The Master of Entertainment, Comedy, Fun, and Learning.” Dr. Mike has presented his unique brand of “Edutainment”, part education and a whole lot of entertainment in many venues across the world. He has spoken to or consulted with virtually every type of business, school, organization, or association worldwide. His talks have now been heard by over 2.5 million (and growing) people worldwide making him a highly sought after speaker. Again, Dr. Mike is pure “Edutainment” with a message, style and energy that is definitely diverse and distinct compared to what is currently available.

Dr. Mike’s trademarked Strategies For Saving Your Sanity™ and It’s All About Character™ messages have been very popular with people of all ages. They have the lifeblood of what Dr. Mike is all about.

When you book Dr. Mike for your next event you will see for yourself – The interesting titles of his programs will quickly fill your seats up. Dr. Mike will seamlessly fit his title talks into any conference or program theme or topic you require. And as you can see from the information on this web site, everything Dr. Mike speaks, writes or produces has a twist to it that encompasses his two trademarked programs. So here’s the bottom line – If you want a dull, dry, boring speaker, program or ancillary products – you need to get off of this site now. Dr. Mike detests those programs and he thinks you’ll agree.

Dr. Mike has had the privilege of working with and sharing the stage with best selling authors, professional athletes, actors and actresses from across the country who have done incredible things in their life.

Dr. Mike has been a guest on close to a thousand radio and tv shows, has written over 20 books, and created and produced countless DVD & Audio programs. Dr. Mike has spent the last 30 years helping people “Train Their Brain for an Unlimited Success Mindset” in business - in schools - at home - and in life. His students in the business world are entrepreneurs, executives at small, medium and large companies, supervisors, managers, salespeople, healthcare staff, government workers, religious leaders, authors, speakers, associations and the list goes on and on. He has spoken to and consulted with K-12 educators, students, parents, coaches and administrators throughout the world. His students, coaching clients, and speaking clients are in just about any kind of market you can imagine and dealing with just about any type of product, service or situation that you can think of and they have all achieved Unlimited Success.

11053855_10153518243045701_8625732081267964346_o(1)Dr. Mike has been married for 37 years to his wonderful wife Carol. He has two kids, Christopher and Holly, who are now very successful adults with their own families and careers. Dr. Mike has worked in the role of employee, supervisor, administrator and even an owner of multiple businesses. He’s directed and supervised health care centers in Minnesota, Ohio and Sweden. Dr. Mike has also directed leadership & character development programs for elementary, middle, high school, and collegiate level students all over the country. He’s run a successful private practice and Unlimited Success coaching business for over 20 years. He’s was even a high school hockey coach for 7 years (you know - one of those old “Peter Pucker” types) when he lived in Minnesota years ago.

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Who is Dr. Mike? And Why You Should Listen To Him Now


Our world today is ever changing. And in the process things seem to go faster and faster. The whole world seems to be heading insanely out of control. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Fortunately for you you’ve got Dr. Mike Thomson or “Dr. Mike” as he is best known around the world.

Dr. Mike is an accomplished and talented Speaker, Author, Therapist, Consultant, Coach, Educator, and University Professor. And he’s got an important message for you. He is here to help you “Save Your Sanity” in this crazy world.

Let’s Start At The Beginning.

This dedicated professional got his start in Austin, Minnesota. His wide variety of professional experience started out in the public school system there. He soon began working between the schools, court system and the local police department – What great experience at an early age!

He even devoted his spare time to coaching the Austin, Minnesota high school hockey team there for 7 years.

From there Dr. Mike went on to work in the Department of Psychology and Psychiatry at the world renowned Mayo Clinic. Yup, “The” Mayo Clinic. In fact; he started Mayo’s first adolescent out-patient alcohol and drug service. Dr. Mike followed this up by opening and supervising their first ever adolescent in-patient unit – What an honor this was.

Eventually Dr. Mike became the Director of Healthcare Centers in both Minnesota and Ohio.  An original self-help pioneer, he went on to help open the first ever drug-alcohol treatment center in Europe, located in a little village outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Now that is quite an honor bestowed only on someone like Dr. Mike.

On top of that, this internationally admired speaker has also filled the roles of Adjunct Associate Professor with The Ohio State University (where he received his doctorate) and Ashland University.

As a Certified Reality Therapist —  (One of the youngest certified at the time and supervised by it’s founder William Glasser M.D.) Dr. Mike has helped thousands of people just like you, conquer their fears and save their sanity in trying times.

As President of two very successful companies, It’s All About Character and Thomson ETC., Inc. Dr. Mike is on a mission to help you realize your true potential as a Parent, Teacher, Coach, Employee, Entrepreneur or Business Owner.

Dr. Mike and his company’s Thomson ETC., Inc.mission is three-fold, Education, Training and Coaching for not only saving your sanity but also in building leadership, positive behavior and character.

WONDERFUL! This is the one word that would describe your most inspirational talk! As a matter of fact, a co-worker (who also attended) and I have already used your “Who Owns The Problem” poster today! Thank you for making us more thoughtful of our reactions to others over whom we have no control. Your points are something that will definitely stick with us for a lifetime.

- Lucy Berry - Kent State University

Dr. Mike was OUTSTANDING! He related his stories so they included information about our industry and our organization. He was energetic and kept everyone’s attention. Dr. Mike did a great job and received high praises from all of our attendees on their evaluations.

- Joyce West – State Transportation Association Of Indiana

Bravo, Bravo. The compliments and rave reviews have been pouring in to me over the last couple of days. Thank You Dr. Mike for starting off our seminar on such a great note. Thanks to your message, delivery and dynamic personality, our day was a SUCCESS!!!

- Andrea Rakowicz - The Property One Management One, LTD


How Dr. Mike Is Raising The Bar For Character Ethics

As a result of his expertise and notoriety, Dr. Mike was asked to be the host of the popular television and DVD series “In Search of Character.”

This popular program has spread to middle and high schools around the world as a proven method to raise the bar for good character in students.  It has made a huge impact on the character of young people around the world as well as our future workforce.

These superb videos serve as a catalyst for students to explore issues of character and values beyond the superficial level. They stimulate in-depth discussion and cause young people to really think about the impact of their behavior on others. It is really rewarding to watch the light go on for students as they watch and then make applications to their own situations.

- Col. Doug Bullard - ROTC Instructor(Army), Lowell High School, San Francisco, CA

I was stunned. The kids in my class started their own discussion, bringing up points in the video, and relating it to themselves or their family or friends. Never before had I come across a video presentation of such quality that met the needs of not only my students, but any student viewing this video.

- Teacher - Detention Center School, Wauwatosa, WI

These are the best topic driven educational videos I have seen. . . We had the best class discussion we’ve had all year.

- Middle School Counselor, Scottsburg, IN

A perfect stimulus for classroom discussions, setting a level of conversation that is thought provoking and informative.

- Director, Georgia Center for Character Education

patricia_richardsonAs a result of Dr. Mike’s incredible experience, on-air presence, and unique style of delivering his powerful messages, he was also cast as the co-host of “The Learning Lunch Box,” a DVD program for parents of K-8 students where he was paired with Patricia Richardson, the star of the hit television sitcom Home Improvement – Now that was an amazing experience!


More About How Dr Mike Can Help You

Dr. Mike Thomson has keynoted our annual Torch Awards luncheon and moderated our Integrity In Tough Times Session as well as our on-going Presidents Forums. He always does an excellent job and is very well received by all audience members. His messages are timely, focused and right on point. His messages have reinforced our commitment to leadership character ethics, ethical enterprising and the BBB brand. We value him as a partner at the Better Business Bureau.

- Kip Morse—President, Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio

Most recently, the Better Business Bureau’s Center For Character Ethics named Dr. Mike as a national spokesman. They could have chosen anyone, but they bestowed the honor and responsibility on Dr. Mike.

They felt the valuable insights Dr. Mike has to offer both in his products and his personal performances could steer the success of the future workforce in the right direction.Dad BBB

Dr. Mike is working diligently to help get his highly acclaimed products and messages into the hands, hearts and minds of students around the country, and indeed around the world.

Here’s the thing. If today’s students and student leaders are not taught the necessary skills to foster good character ethics and apply them in their lives – even when no one is watching (which is really the true test of their character) the future workforce will be doomed to dismal failure.

Translate this to our future economy and you’ll quickly realize just how vital and profitable Dr. Mike’s messages within this program are to our successful economic future.

Now based on everything you’ve read so far, do you understand why everyone wants Dr. Mike to speak to their Businesses, Universities, Schools, Sports Programs, Workforce Readiness and Career Development Students, Teachers, Administrators, and everyone else?

But There’s So Much More…

Dr. Mike has books, CDs, MP3s and DVDs on topics such as:

  • Putting The Better Back In Business Starts With You
  • Six Critical Questions Guaranteed To Save Your Sanity
  • Strategies for Saving Your Sanity In Parenthood
  • Strategies for Saving Your Sanity In The Classroom
  • Getting Your Parents Off Your Back…And On Your Side
  • Sanity Saving Tips For Parents Whose Kids Are On The Internet
  • Exposing The Hidden Dangers Of Spring Break
  • The Step Mom’s Proven Guide To Making It Work
  • The Step Dad’s Proven Guide To Making It Work
  • 33 Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Success As A Step Dad
  • 33 Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Success As A Step Mom
  • It’s All About Character
  • And with many more products on the way.

You can see his ever-expanding list of products by clicking on the products link on the top of this page or Click Here right now to get a feel for the vast array of educational offerings Dr. Mike has created.  Dr. Mike’s mind never stops churning on ways to help people save their sanity and raise the bar for intentional character ethics in all that they do in life.


Dr. Mike Creates World Famous Poster

Dr. Mike’s unique messages, products and programs are simple, logical and easy to use. They help you and your people discover how to think productively and achieve better results in all areas of your daily life.

By guiding people through eight strategies Dr. Mike calls “The Eight Areas of the Power of Productive Choices” and exposing them to his thought-provoking “Six Critical Questions,” your attendees quickly see things from a whole new perspective to help them solve conflict and build teamwork.

Dr. Mike’s “Who Owns the Problem” poster forms the basis for everything he teaches. It’s the golden thread that links everything together. In fact, Dr. Mike swears this slogan will be etched on his tombstone when he dies.

The “Who Owns the Problem” poster has been an instant winner with audiences around the world.

Many event coordinators provide copies of either the 8.5 x 11, 4×6 or wallet card version for each audience member. It’s a powerful keepsake piece your staff or other attendees will refer to for a long time to come, both in the workplace and at home.

As Dr. Mike walks people through this colorful piece you can literally see the lights go on in their head as they feel the empowerment this simple but powerful tool will give them in their daily lives.

This has been an extremely popular takeaway piece at every talk Dr. Mike gives. And one you will want to strongly consider including for your audience members at your next Dr. Mike event.

foto-testim Dr. Mike has an extraordinary ability to package practical and profound advice into memorable and highly entertaining nuggets. He is a great teacher!

- Michael Josephson - Co-author, The Power of Character - Founder of CHARACTER COUNTS!

tartagliaThe first time I tried Dr. Mike’s Saving Your Sanity tips my five sons were shocked. Dad had a sanity attack instead of his usual !@#!! This book is loaded with wisdom, and a must read for everyone who loves their kids.

- Louis A. Tartaglia, M.D. - Psychiatrist and Author of 'The Great Wing' A Parable

hansenParents read Dr. Mike’s book! Dr. Mike will save your sanity with practical, easy to read, no fluff answers to everyday parenting.

- Mark Victor Hansen – Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup For The Soul, Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire


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