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Would you be interested in learning how to teach your children to be responsible for what they do, how they think, and how they feel?  How about a strategy for getting them to make good decisions, to do their homework, clean up their messes, do their chores, or get up in the morning without being screamed at?  How about a strategy to teach your kids how to make good choices, EVEN when you are not watching (which by the way, is the definition of good character)? If you answered YES to any one of these, then just think about how your audience members would answer these. They want solutions too… Well, Dr. Mike has the answers!

Response to Dr. Mike’s upbeat books, CDs, MP3s, and talks have been nothing short of phenomenal!  “Outstanding.”  “Excellent.”  “Dynamic.” “Informative and Entertaining.” These are just a few of the praises that have been rained on Dr. Mike by parents who have heard him speak.

“He is an inspiration and a motivator to kids and adults.  I have honestly never seen anything like it…”

Dr. Mike, a world renowned expert on parenting, has been helping parents from all over the world with the many issues of parenthood.  He has spoken to over 2.5 million people (and growing) worldwide.  His appearances on radio and television talk shows have always left people wanting more from Dr. Mike.

Putting together an event for parents in your community? Are you one of those parents? Do you need an energetic speaker for your next parent conference, parent fair, or back to school evening for parents? Dr. Mike can customize his trademark talks, Strategies For Saving Your Sanity™ and It’s All About Character™ just for you!

As a parent himself, to two wonderful children, Christopher & Holly, now adults with their own successful families… Dr. Mike get’s it! He’s “been there, done that” as they say.

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Nobody gave parents a manual with their kids.

Mom and teen daughter In fact, Dr. Mike always states up on stage that “Parents get more instructions with a new microwave than they do with their kids!” Even though everyone laughs, they know that it’s true!

For parents who have lost their sanity and for those who are about to, Dr. Mike’s strategies are easily the best “how-to-get-control” strategies being taught today.

Dr. Mike combines humor, understanding and a perspective that comes from years and years of dealing with parents and kids into all of his talks, products and online programs that parents have been raving about for years.

Dr. Mike knows that people want specific tips, secrets & strategies from him to help them save their sanity but he also knows that the way in which that information is delivered is very important also. That’s why you will never see Dr. Mike behind a podium during his talk.  He’s out amongst the audience members, gets them to actively participate, dialogue amongst themselves and will engage them like no other speaker does – He’s as incredible with small audiences as he is with audiences of 5,000.

Dr. Mike knows that parenting is not just a role, it’s an adventure. Here’s a fact – Because you have children, you will have problems.  Problems that will range from the difficult to the dangerous, from disruptive behavior and peer pressure to sexual promiscuity, delinquency and drugs, just to name a few.  Whatever the challenge, parents need a strategy that will not only save their sanity, but will do the same for their kids, and their kids to come.

Dr. Mike’s approach is different than other “self-help” strategies because he gets at the real problems and shows you effective ways of dealing with them. His is a wise and witty approach that works (even when nothing else does).

Now if you’re a parent reading this, here’s a couple of questions - Would you be interested in learning how to teach your children to be responsible for what they do, how they think, and how they feel?  How about a strategy for getting them to make good decisions, to do their homework, clean up their messes, do their chores, or get up in the morning without being screamed at?  How about a strategy to teach your kids how to make good choices, EVEN when you are not watching (which by the way, is the definition of good character)? If you answered yes to any one of these, then just think about how your audience members would answer these.  They want the same questions answered that you do.  Dr. Mike has the answers!

With Dr. Thomson as your guide, parents can learn the success-oriented Productive Choices required so that they can identify where the problems lie and begin to effectively solve them.a-parents-300x199

For years, Dr. Mike had on his private practice office door the old saying that, “You can give a hungry man a fish, and they can feed themselves for the evening OR you can teach them how to fish and they can feed themselves for the rest of their life.”

That old saying is where Dr. Mike used to live!  He “used to be” a fish giver, like so many people out there in the world today are.  He was looking for “quick fixes” that would solve the problem for “right now.”  It didn’t work for him and it didn’t work for the people he was trying to help.

Dr. Mike set out on a journey to revamp his style and become a “teacher” of new ways to think, new ways to act and ultimately new ways to feel. Because of this, Dr. Mike is now on a mission to teach everyone he comes in contact with his “6 Critical Questions,” his “8 Areas Of The Power Of Productive Choices,” and all of his other wildly popular tips, secrets & strategies in an effort to “teach people how they can fish so they can feed themselves (and others they live and work with) for the rest of their lives.”

Dr. Mike’s knowledgeable approach takes you to the root of kids’ problems, and shows you specifically how to turn them around.  He demonstrates practical step-by-step problem-solving techniques that make taking responsibility for choices a workable part of any family.  Dr. Mike’s approach is practical with no-fluff, just answers.

Now do you see why Dr. Mike trademarked “Strategies For Saving Your Sanity” tips, secrets & strategies are in such hot demand either in his LIVE presentations or his products?  Can you see why people flock to his talks and gravitate to his products just because of the title?

Whether you have Dr. Mike speak to parents at your next event, you purchase his cutting edge parent products or sign on for one of his riveting, content-rich online programs, you will find that Dr. Mike brings lasting results to many of the common frustrations parents face in today’s world.  Dr. Mike will teach every parent he comes in contact with:

Dr. Mike has spoken to our middle schools here in Fishers for over 13 years in a row. He talks to the students during the day and the parents at night. His humorous and comic approach to everyday situations for both students and parents is amazing. His message and style of delivery is able to captivate them from the moment he takes the stage. We have over 500 parents show up each year to see Dr. Mike. We are looking forward to having him back next year. We may have to find a bigger room! - Roger Norris– Administrator – Hamilton Southeastern Schools - Allen Myers – Guidance Counselor – Fishers Junior High


Dr. Mike spoke to all students and staff at all of our district’s school, elementary through high school over a three day period. He does a fantastic job! Everybody just loved him. We received 100% positive comments from students, staff and parents that he talked to. His versatility makes him a very unique speaker in that he can adapt his message to each individual school’s need. He was able to provide great information on the importance of making good choices, peer pressure, bullying, conflict resolution, sexting, alcohol and other drugs and was able to tie it into each of the school’s character education programs. He’s Amazing!- April Peterson – Greenville Chamber of Commerce

I have had the opportunity to invite Dr. Mike to Spangdalem Air Force Base on two separate occasions. On both occasions Dr. Mike presented to three different audiences; youth, parents and professionals. Each visit was a tremendous success! Dr. Mike is so easy to work with and delightfully friendly. He has the uncanny ability to put any audience at ease and quickly pulls them together as a team. He’s amazing!- Priscille A. Dixon – Demand Reduction Program Coordinator

Dr. Mike was enthusiastic, energetic and had a message that our students just loved. His theme of ‘Good Choice, Poor Choice, My Choice’ was heard in the hallways, classrooms and lunchroom for a long time after he left our building. He’s way beyond just a one-time speaker who comes and goes from your building. His messages stick. Dr. Mike was just a impressive when he spoke to our parents.- Sue Goebel – Counselor – West & C.D. Elementary Schools

Dr. Mike’s invaluable information that he provided to our students, staff and parents was just excellent. He gets rave reviews from all who hear him. He involves everyone right from the start of his program and leaves them with a renewed sense of passion and purpose. He’s just GREAT! - GeorgiAnn Diniaco Ph.D. – Safe And Drug Free Schools Coordinator - Dublin City Schools

  • 6 Critical Questions Guaranteed to Save Your Sanity At Any Time — This Is Guaranteed To Change Everything For Parents
  • 9 “Stinkin Thinkin” Beliefs That Can Get Any Parent (And Any Family Member) Sucked Into The “Negativity Dead Zone” — How to Eliminate These Instantly
  • 3 Themes Parents Better Know Before They Even Get Out Of Bed In The Morning — Why Every Parent Must Learn These Immediately
  • The 2-Minute Theory — How Successful Parents Reset Their Sanity “Thermostat”
  • 3 Simple Secrets Parents Must Know That Will Save Their Sanity Instantly — How The Most Successful Parents Use These Everyday!
  • How The Most Successful Parents Keep Themselves And Their Family Members In A Positive, Motivated, Focused Forward, Go for Success Mode — It’s Easier Than You Think
  • How To Step Back, Rethink And Reorganize Your Thinking Before You “Get Into It” With Your Kids — If You Don’t Learn These Secrets, You’re Sunk!
  • 8 Strategies And Secrets Of The Most Successful Parents (And Families) Ever — Discover How You Can Apply Their Secrets To Your Family
  • How To Instill Great Character Into Your Kids — These Techniques Really Work!


hansenParents read this book! Dr. Mike will save your sanity with practical, easy to read, no fluff answers to everyday parenting.

- Mark Victor Hansen – Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup For The Soul, Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

tartagliaThe first time I tried Dr. Mike’s strategies for Saving Your Sanity my five sons were shocked. Dad had a sanity attack instead of his usual!!! This book is loaded with wisdom, and a must read for everyone who loves their kids.- Louis A. Tartaglia, M.D. - Psychiatrist and Author of The Great Wing, a parable.High

I think parents need to understand that it is not the same world in which they grew up in and that teenagers today face tougher problems than they did. My parents always give the speech ‘It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s everybody else.” I am not allowed to do half of the stuff my friends do even though I’m in the National Honor Society, Student Council, 4-H and numerous other activities. Maybe I’ll buy my parents your book!- Crystal A - Attendee at Huntington West Virginia Teen Conference

We have used Dr. Mike’s materials as an integral part of our Saturday Family Workshops. His message, style, exercises and strategies have helped over 500 families to date. Dr. Mike’s lighthearted manner and humorous delivery help everyone relax, accept and assimilate his messages. His strategies give families the tools they need to grow as a family. We don’t know of any other program (and we have tried all of the family prevention/intervention materials available) that is as effective for both parents and students.- Charleen Race - Six District Educational Compact

Wow! It is what best describes how I am feeling right now. Your teachings made me realize just how many of my daughter’s problems I’m taking on. I am the type of parent who is on her all the time to take care of her things and of course as a pre-teen she never does. I am always frustrated with her lack of commitment or follow through on projects. After what you have taught me a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks so much for your insight and strategies. I just wish I had heard you about 10 years ago!- Shannon Vanasdien


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