Dr. Mike started working in the schools at age 21 – Dr. Mike knows schools!

School-Bus1-150x150Dr. Mike started working in the schools at age 21 - Dr. Mike knows schools!

Dr. Mike’s been to so many Elementary, Middle and High Schools in this country he swears when he dies they’ll make a brick out of him in the last building he appears in!

Dr. Mike is “Your-One-Stop-Guy” when it comes to speaking to anyone who enters your school building. He’s talked to every single group connected to your school over his career. Really!!

Whether it’s content-rich assemblies, note-taking professional development trainings, conferences, leadership events, or anything that involves K-12 students, parents, teachers, coaches, administrators or anyone else connected to your buildings - Dr. Mike is your guy for an entertaining, captivating, highly interactive, and energizing event.

Dr. Mike’s an expert when it comes to school culture & climate issues, bullying, cyber bullying, internet & cell phone issues, leadership, character development, workforce readiness, alcohol and other drug issues, and so much more.  Trust us on this one - If a school has had an issue they need assistance with, Dr. Mike has been called in to help deal with it.  Regardless of the group that he speaks to, Dr. Mike’s message resonates with everyone in attendance. He cuts through the noise and gets right to the core of what school’s want while building a positive culture & climate of excellence for their students.

With “Training Your Brain For an Unlimited Success Mindset,” “Strategies for Saving Your Sanity®,” “It’s All About Character®,” and “Six Critical Questions Guaranteed To Save Your Sanity” as his backdrop, Dr. Mike doesn’t just talk about problems - he offers down to earth, practical, no-fluff, just answers solutions in all of his talks and products. They just work! Awesome, right?!


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Dr. Mike Helps With Staff Development

I want you to consider for a moment all the various professionals who have an impact on students as they enter the school building each and every day:

Cafeteria Workers
Bus Drivers

Co-curricular Advisers
Media Specialists

Now that's a lot of influential people in a student's life! Don't you think? And each one can and will impact a student's life.

But to Dr. Mike it's just another wild, crazy, full of life day in the school system. Having spoken to every one of these groups of people, at one time or another, whether in their association meetings or all together at their all school staff in-services just comes natural to Dr. Mike.

Dr. Mike's messages resonate with each and every one of these groups. He cut's through the noise and gets right to the core of what schools want when building a positive culture and climate of excellence for their students.

Now as an adult reading this I want you to think about something… How would you, your staff, parents or conference members respond to your next speaker's presentation titled "Strategies For Saving Your Sanity?"

Do you think just the title alone would raise the interest level of your audience members? Do you think they would say something like "Boy, do I need to hear this— because quite frankly I feel like I'm losing my sanity some days. And this will help me at work, at home and in my personal life."

Well guess what? Over 2.5 million people so far have felt the same way.

That's why "Strategies For Saving Your Sanity" is Dr. Mike's most requested presentation around the country and around the world. Audience members want an upbeat, feel good presentation BUT they also want the Tips, Secrets & Strategies that only Dr. Mike provides in his unique and entertaining style. And we both know this presentation is a great introduction into getting everyone on board in the area of leadership & character education. That's where Dr. Mike's other flagship presentation; "It's All About Character" becomes not only a great option for student assemblies but also for staff professional development meetings.

Whether it's a highly interactive and energizing keynote, student assembly, preseason sports program, professional development program — Or a content-rich, note-taking half or full day seminar, Dr. Mike holds nothing back.

He gives you every ounce of energy he has with either one of his flagship presentations. If you want a real treat loaded with incredible value, request the best of both, to fit in with your next after school, half or full day professional development, conference, association, student or parent event needs. You simply can't go wrong with this knockout combination.

As a result of booking Dr. Mike for your next event, you and your audience members are in for one of the most entertaining, captivating, empowering and inspirational programs you have ever seen. You just tell us what you want and like magic, Dr. Mike will make it come alive on stage. Just check out some of the highlights that Dr. Mike teaches.

You just tell us what you want and like magic, Dr. Mike will make it come alive on stage.


Just check out some of the highlights that Dr. Mike teaches

  • 6 Critical Questions Guaranteed to Save Your Sanity At Any Time — This Is Guaranteed To Change Everything
  • 9 "Stinkin Thinkin" Beliefs That Can Get Any Person Sucked Into The "Negativity Dead Zone" — How to Eliminate These Instantly
  • 3 Themes People Better Know Before They Even Get Out Of Bed In The Morning — Why Every Person Must Learn These Immediately
  • The 2-Minute Theory — How Successful People Reset Their Sanity "Thermostat"
  • 3 Simple Secrets People Must Know That Will Save Their Sanity Instantly — How The Most Successful People Use These Everyday!
  • How The Most Successful People Keep Themselves And Others Around Them In A Positive, Motivated, Focused Forward, Go for Success Mode — It's Easier Than You Think
  • How To Step Back, Rethink And Reorganize Your Thinking Before You "Get Into It" With Other People — If You Don't Learn These Secrets, You're Sunk!
  • 8 Strategies And Secrets Of The Most Successful People Ever — Discover How You Can Apply Their Secrets To Your Life
  • How To Instill Great Character Into The Hearts & Minds Of Those You Live & Work With — These Techniques Really Work!

Dr_Michael_OShea_webI can’t sufficiently thank you for the role you played in making our in-service so successful. By all accounts, your presentation was timely and well received. The evaluations for your segment were ‘over the top’ and the written comments were nothing short of fantastic. And they were unanimous! Congratulations on a job well done and a sincere thank you for making the day so productive and beneficial.

- Dr. Michael O'Shea - Assistant Superintendent - Springfield Local Schools, Ohio

Whether it’s a Leadership, Character Education, Athletic, Workforce Readiness, Career Development or Education Association conference — bringing Dr. Mike in for your next event will guarantee you and your audience members one of the most exciting, ready to use info-packed presentations they will witness during the school year.

bbb-dad11-300x203So why not spice up your own district’s next professional development event or a special program for your K-12 students and/or parents, with a feisty, fun-filled Dr. Mike presentation?

For over 25 years, Dr. Mike’s specialty has been the K-12 education field. His in depth knowledge and experience shine through in everything he does within the K-12 arena.

Dr. Mike’s best-selling “Strategies For Saving Your Sanity” and “It’s All About Character” professional development programs have been so popular they are now being offered as online graduate level courses. This is a great on-going follow up option that staff members around the country have been asking for from Dr. Mike.

Your audience will be enthralled with Dr. Mike’s expertise. They will instantly know he has been “in the K-12 trenches” the minute he opens his mouth. All the while they’ll be captivated by his incredible energy, wit, use of stories, props and humor.

Your students, staff, parents and conference attendees will understand immediately why Dr. Mike is known as “America’s #1 Sanity and Character Coach” the minute he takes the stage.

As host of the extremely popular 10-part television & DVD series “Iisocdvdseriesn Search Of Character,” Dr. Mike openly shares his intimate knowledge, experience and consultation with numerous administrators, teachers, board members, schools and athletic programs around the country.

He will unleash a new passion in your audience as he shares proven best practices in building and refining exceptional, intentional character education within their school programs. Add to this the hidden secrets for saving their sanity in an educational world that doesn’t always give them what they want and you can chalk up another riveting, wildly successful Dr. Mike presentation.

Dr. Mike could relate to everyone in our audience from secretaries, maintenance, custodians and support staff. We have had more positive comments about Dr. Mike than any other speaker we have ever had. He’s the best!

- Linda Early – Buckeye Career Center

If you are looking for a highly entertaining, yet educational speaker for students, teachers, staff or parents, I can recommend no one more higher than Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike has spoken to our students on several occasions. He has also presented valuable in-services to our teaching staff. Both groups have asked me to being him back. You will find him knowledgeable, insightful, motivational and witty. He is one of the best speakers I have heard in thirty years in education.

- Dale Nienberg – Principal – Kalida High School


Just check out some of the highlights that Dr. Mike teaches



Dr. Mike Helps With Student Development

Dr. Mike’s straight from the heart presentation really shines through when speaking to students. Take an excitable group of students and watch them become putty in Dr. Mike’s capable hands.

Like a giant magnet he attracts and holds their undivided attention throughout his presentation. Dr. Mike is definitely one of the country’s best secret weapons when it comes to winning the minds and hearts of students on a level they understand right away.

Possessing an uncanny ability to breakthrough the barriers sometimes faced by parents and teachers — Dr. Mike speaks to the kids where they live — on a level that they understand and can instantly incorporate into their daily lives.

Typically schools have him over at the Elementary Schools winning the hearts and minds of those students and staff. He then goes over to a Middle School building and the students there wonder whether he’s been living in their home! His stories, humor and timely messages get right to the hearts and minds of middle school students like no one else can.

In fact; his understanding of today’s kids is nothing short of phenomenal.

But it doesn’t stop there.

He goes over to the High School and we all know how tough those students can be to deal with. But within 90-seconds of being on-stage — with his unbridled humor, his unusual use of props and timely messages, Dr. Mike can grab the attention of even the toughest students — and keep them mesmerized until 55 minutes later.



"Usually speakers are boring and say the same old stuff every time. So I figured I would have a good solid hour of nap time. Boy, I was definitely wrong, and I don’t admit that very often. Even as students talked to you in the cafeteria later I could tell that you are animated, energetic and passionate about what you do. You really care. Many adult speakers treat us like we are three year olds not juniors and seniors in high school. You talked about issues that are important to us. As students that means a great deal to us when an adult talks to us like young adults. Personally, your presentation is something I won’t quickly forget. I want to thank you for inspiring our school."

− Maggie Hatern – Student Council President – River View High School

"Thank you Dr. Mike for two wonderful days. Almost 5,000 peoples’ lives were positively touched by your eleven presentations. Your canny ability to adapt your presentation to the age appropriateness of your audience was most impressive. From kindergarten to adults, your dynamic programs were so well received. Thanks to you, we were given many kudos from students, staff and parents. Bedford is a better place because of your messages."

− Kenneth Graf – Administrator – Temperance Schools – Michigan

"Dr. Mike is able to relate to students from elementary to high school at their own individual levels. We were able to send the message about personal responsibility and character to our entire school using one speaker, Dr. Mike. Even a year later, we have students still repeating his message ‘Good Choice, Poor Choice, My Choice.’ One presentation made that strong of an impact on all of our students.”"

− Michael Wank - Superintendent – Seneca East Local Schools

"Dr. Mike is awesome! It’s by far the best program we have ever had that entertains, engages and excites everyone from the beginning to the end. Dr. Mike was at our school the entire day and our students, staff and parents just loved you. Every school needs to hear Dr. Mike’s message."

− Chris Mate - Administrator, Madeira Schools, Ohio

"Hey Dr. Mike. I am a freshman and you were at my school 7 hours ago for an assembly. All I can say is that it was a really great performance and lesson for us. I would like to thank you for so many laughs you gave us during the show. Power, Control, Choices, Good Choice, Poor Choice, My Choice, Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship – Those words are still stuck in my head. I keep thinking about what I can do to better myself in life. All I want to do is Thank You."

− Shaun H – Student - Fairfield Freshman High School

"Dr. Mike’s message is clear and to the point. The students at Standish-Sterling Central High School are still talking about your program and how much they enjoyed your show. The teaching staff thought you were right on and had a good understanding of our youth of today. Your presentation was extremely enjoyable while your words and action left little doubt in anyone’s mind about your sincerity and commitment to children of all ages. Needless to say, you left a very positive and long lasting impression on the people you addressed at all of your assemblies. Your should be given a plaque or trophy of some type for holding everyone’s attention while students enthusiastically absorbed the importance of your message. Great job!"

− Dennis J. Haut – Principal – Standish-Sterling Central High School

"Many of our cadets said ‘Dr. Mike was outstanding! I thought Dr. Mike was great! Dr. Mike was better than some of the comedians that come here. Dr. Mike had everyone interacting and had a great message that benefited everyone.’ Dr. Mike, you were a real hit at our Institute."

− Edwin G. Preble – Office Of The Commandant - New Mexico Military Institute

"Dr. Mike has a caring, informative, confident and relaxed style that just draws people toward him. He keeps every participant involved and engaged. I have honestly never seen anything like it in my years of working in the schools and in peer leadership programs. He is an inspiration and motivator to students, staff and parents and a must see."

− Lisa Draeger – Community Services Coordinator – Alcohol & Drug Dependency Services Of Medina County



Dr. Mike Helps With After School Teacher Development

After speaking to students during the day, Dr. Mike can present his wildly popular Strategies For Saving Your Sanity, his It’s All About Character tips or a combination of both with the staff at an after school program.

This program continues to reinforce Dr. Mike’s messages heard by all of the students during the day and provides a wonderful opportunity for staff to ask Dr. Mike questions regarding how to deal with specific situations within the school.

In an after school program such as this, Dr. Mike will give all of your teachers his proven tools and strategies designed to have a positive effect on the climate and culture of classrooms, hallways, lunchrooms and even locker rooms.

He’ll share what others schools around the country are doing to raise the bar for character “in action” in their schools as well as a plethora of great ideas you can begin to implement in your classroom and school immediately.

Teachers will walk away with a renewed zest for teaching and a workable strategy designed to save their sanity.


"Hey Dr. Mike – It’s Kasey (the student teacher that attended your talk this morning.) I teach at another elementary school in the afternoon. The timing of your talk could not have come at a better time. I just had a HORRIBLE day on Thursday because of the children’s behavior. What you said to me today stuck! “Good Choice, Poor Choice, MY Choice.” So, when I got to class this afternoon- I sat all the kids down and spoke to them about choices they make in their lives along with your “Who Owns The Problem” poster when they get into trouble…I began by having them emulate you up on stage by having all of them put their hands up with me, and say Good Choice (right hand), Poor Choice (left hand), MY Choice (thumbs back to yourself). It was wonderful! As a result – I had one of the best class periods to date and I give all the credit to YOU! Thank you sooo much Dr. Mike! I am speechless."

− Kasey - Student Teacher

"Our teachers not only enjoyed the humor during Dr. Mike’s program, they really took a lot away from his presentation. Teachers who walked into the program skeptical now have his poster, ‘Who Owns The Problem’ posters hanging prominently on their classroom walls and use it with their students all the time. Even students use the poster when dealing with other students. Dr. Mike and this poster is a must have if you work in the schools."

− Michael Wank - Superintendent – Seneca East Local Schools

"Your course has been revitalizing for me as a trip to the ocean! I’ve been in Education since 1963. I’ve always taken courses, gone to seminars, etc. to keep improving or at least not get stagnate. Your courses opened possibilities more than any course I’ve ever taken! I use what I learn from you almost daily and have seen a big difference. The messages are simple for me to apply and understandable to my students. Blessings to you Dr. Mike, you have been a blessing to me."

− Nancy Storer – Penta County Career Center

"Dr. Mike’s style is unmatched. He presents to students, staff and parents like no other speaker we have had. His messages resonate with each audience member, which is hard to do in the schools. His energy, enthusiasm and positive outlook in life is just contagious!"

− Jennifer Williams – Principal – Hilliard City Schools

"Dr. Mike kept our teachers focused. He was clear, concise, used great humor and got our audience involved at every turn. His energy and passion created an atmosphere at our conference where there were no minds wandering. He’s just great!"

− Pam Bell – Auglaize County Educational Service Center

"Dr. Mike’s manner, presentation and messages have helped my staff and me to cope with an ever-changing population in education. His ability to relate on students behavior from growing and learning to the most student centered solutions has allowed us to help our students be part of the solution, not part of the problem. If you truly care about providing ‘choices’ to young people for finding solutions and creating positive environments, then listen to Dr. Mike’s messages. His programs have reduced our students inappropriate behavior by 42% and our parents are our biggest allies because we use the skills and concepts provide to us by Dr. Mike."

− David W. Nosker – Principal – Dublin Davis Middle School

"Dr. Mike was awesome! He was able to touch each person in the audience with his messages. His presentation was upbeat and fast paced with GREAT content. He’s a must see to appreciate speaker."

− Chuck Klamer – James A. Garfield Local Schools

"We have used Dr. Mike for many, many years with our students, our staff, our parents and our entire athletic and co-curricular program. Speakers come and go, but Dr. Mike’s message will stay with your school."

− Mike Seaman – Administrator - Northmont High School

And Let’s Not Leave Out The Parents!


Dr. Mike Helps With Parent Development

To wrap up the day, Dr. Mike presents his wildly popular “Strategies For Saving Your Sanity In Parenthood” program for parents in the evening. This is the only program out there that brings parents back to the school when other programs fall short.

Just look at the title of the evening program and you will quickly see how just the title “Strategies For Saving Your Sanity In Parenthood” grabs parents where they live. They want this information. It draws them back to school to listen to the program repeatedly year after year like no other program can.

The students who hear Dr. Mike speak during the day always go home and tell their parents to attend. Like one mother said “My kids never tell me about a speaker at school.” They came home after listening to Dr. Mike and said ‘Mom, you have to go see this guy, he’s great!”

Together with the promotional packet Dr. Mike sends to schools for getting parents to attend like never before (which is always an issue schools struggle with nowadays) and you have a winner for connecting schools with parents. They readily buy in to these very popular and timely messages.

"Dr. Mike has spoken to our middle schools here in Fishers for over 13 years in a row. He talks to the students during the day and the parents at night. His humorous and comic approach to everyday situations for both students and parents is amazing. His message and style of delivery is able to captivate them from the moment he takes the stage. We have over 500 parents show up each year to see Dr. Mike. We are looking forward to having him back next year. We may have to find a bigger room!"

− Roger Norris – Administrator – Hamilton Southeastern Schools - Allen Myers – Guidance – Fishers Junior High

"Dr. Mike spoke to all students and staff at all of our district’s school, elementary through high school over a three day period. He does a fantastic job! Everybody just loved him. We received 100% positive comments from students, staff and parents that he talked to. His versatility makes him a very unique speaker in that he can adapt his message to each individual school’s need. He was able to provide great information on the importance of making good choices, peer pressure, bullying, conflict resolution, sexting, alcohol and other drugs and was able to tie it into each of the school’s character education programs. He’s Amazing!"

− April Peterson – Greenville Chamber of Commerce

"I have had the opportunity to invite Dr. Mike to Spangdalem Air Force Base on two separate occasions. On both occasions Dr. Mike presented to three different audiences; youth, parents and professionals. Each visit was a tremendous success! Dr. Mike is so easy to work with and delightfully friendly. He has the uncanny ability to put any audience at ease and quickly pulls them together as a team. He’s amazing!"

− Priscille A. Dixon – Demand Reduction Program Coordinator

"Dr. Mike was enthusiastic, energetic and had a message that our students just loved. His theme of ‘Good Choice, Poor Choice, My Choice’ was heard in the hallways, classrooms and lunchroom for a long time after he left our building. He’s way beyond just a one-time speaker who comes and goes from your building. His messages stick. Dr. Mike was just a impressive when he spoke to our parents."

− Sue Goebel – Counselor – West & C.D. Elementary Schools

"Dr. Mike’s invaluable information that he provided to our students, staff and parents was just excellent. He gets rave reviews from all who hear him. He involves everyone right from the start of his program and leaves them with a renewed sense of passion and purpose. He’s just GREAT!"

− GeorgiAnn Diniaco Ph.D. – Safe And Drug Free Schools Coordinator - Dublin City Schools

Clearly by now you understand why everyone wants Dr. Mike to speak to their Teachers, Administrators, Coaches, Advisors, Students, Athletes and everyone else who works with students.

Last but certainly not least, make sure you check out how other schools around the country are using Dr. Mike’s cutting edge online Parent University (It’s FREE to schools) by clicking on the box on the top of the page on the right hand side.

This is an incredible option for Elementary, Middle and High school buildings. Each school gets their own Parent University that is open 24/7/365 on their own school Home page and each school is provided with Dr. Mike’s interactive videos, online forums along with Dr. Mike’s best tips and strategies for conflict resolution, dealing with bullying issues, how to instill great character in kids along with his best strategies for saving their sanity as a parent. All of this is brought to your parents by your school. Make sure you check this out and see how simple but powerful this option can be for your school.


So Don’t Forget… For An Unforgettable Event That Will Stay With Your Students, Staff And Parents Who Enter Your School Building… Strongly Consider Dr. Mike For Your Next…


  • Character Education, Athletic, Workforce Readiness, Career Development or Education Association Conferences Or Special Events
  • K-12 Professional Development Program (for all staff in your district)
  • Orientation/Welcome Week/Back-To-School Events
  • Special Student Events
  • Pre-Season Coach, Captain, Athlete and Parent Programs
  • Student Leadership Events
  • Career and Workforce Readiness Programs
  • Student Government Events
  • Awards Programs
  • Graduation Programs

Contact Dr. Mike  whenever you are ready and he’ll be more than happy to discuss with you the various options for making your next event unforgettable.


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